About Us

Salix Consulting provides reconnaissance-level wetland and biological constraints analyses, wetland delineations, biological resource assessments, and regulatory compliance and permitting services throughout the Sacramento Valley, Sierra foothills, and High Sierra.  Salix’s clients include public agencies, municipal airports, large and small development interests, and individual property owners.  Salix merges decades of experience and expert knowledge with problem-solving methodologies and a keen understanding of each client’s unique needs to produce practical solutions to complex environmental challenges


Salix conducts and prepares delineations in accordance with the appropriate supplements to the 1987 Corps of Engineers wetlands delineation manual


Salix conducts vegetation assessments and botanical and rare plant surveys, performs habitat assessments and protocol surveys for special status wildlife species, pre-construction surveys, CNDDB database searches, and assists in the development of mitigation and monitoring programs


Salix prepares permit application packages that meet the requirements of Sections 404 and 401 of the Clean Water Act, the Porter-Cologne Water Quality Control Act, the California Department of Fish & Game Code (Sections 1602 and 2081), and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Sections 7 and 10 consultations, including Alternatives Analyses, and mitigation and monitoring plans for wetland and biological impacts


Salix utilizes the latest in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to conduct spatial analysis producing accurate maps and exhibits.  Wetland and biological community mapping, impact assessments, terrain modeling, hydrology and watershed models, forestry stand assessment and fuel source areas, cartographic services, data collection. ESRI ArcMap and FOSS: QGIS and GRASS 



Salix’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) produce a variety of products from aerial data collection, including 3-D modeling/photogrammetry, point clouds, change detection and repeatable monitoring, corridor mapping, near-infrared imagery, surface modeling, vegetative index mapping, vertical and oblique aerial photography and videography