Aerial LiDAR
LiDAR Services

LiDAR Services

Salix provides LiDAR data collection and processing services. Our equipment collects upwards of 700,000 points per second at 3-5 cm accuracy*. Point clouds can be further classified allowing for the filtering of vegetation and bare earth among other ASPRS recognized classes. After classification and post-processing the point cloud is utilized to derive a variety of products including, but not limited too, terrain models (Bare Earth – DEM and First Return – DSM) and contours. Our point clouds can also be assigned RGB color values from imagery collected simultaneously with the LiDAR scan which improves the visualization of the final products. These products can be further leveraged through our GIS and Spatial Analytics services for additional analysis.

*Relative accuracy of the individual laser shot not final total global accuracy which can only be expressed by a licensed surveyor.

  • Surveying
  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Forestry
  • Fire
  • Environmental
  • Architecture
  • Utility

Data Collection and Equipment

Salix collects LiDAR data from both the air and ground. From the air we utilize our DJI Matrice 300 capable of 30+ minute flight time per battery set when equipped with the LiDAR sensor package. This equates to roughly 100-200 acres per flight dependent on flight parameters and requirements of the final deliverables. Our terrestrial unit is capable of rapid deployment and is often utilized when airspace makes flying a UAV / drone difficult if not impossible.

Point Clouds

We can generate and handle point clouds that contain a billion or more points that are then post-processed – subsampled, denoised and smoothed at a minimum. A point cloud is then typically classified to extract bare earth or ground returns.

RGB Colorized


Point Cloud Derived Terrain Products

DSM Surface Model

DEM Bare Earth Model


Construction Volumetrics / Cut Fill

Publicly Available LiDAR

LiDAR is becoming increasingly more available to the public. These datasets vary in quality and age but are often a good starting place to understand a project site. These datasets may be sufficient for some projects but many need an additional level of detail or more current LiDAR flight. Either way, Salix readily handles large public datasets and can process into the desired deliverables for your project.

  • DEM/DSM generation
  • Contours/Topography
  • Colorize with current aerial
  • Re-classify or further classify (vegetation, buildings, etc…)
  • Feature extraction
  • Convert into CAD and GIS friendly formats
  • Denoise and filtered
  • Coordinate system conversion and localization