Spatial Intelligence

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Accurate and understandable spatial relationships are essential to an effective understanding of a project. They help clients recognize any constraints and challenges they must address so they may plan projects that maximize opportunity while avoiding or minimizing impacts to sensitive resources as much as possible.

Salix utilizes the latest in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to conduct spatial analysis producing accurate maps and exhibits.  Wetland and biological community mapping, impact assessments, terrain modeling, hydrology and watershed models, forestry stand assessment and fuel source areas, cartographic services, data collection. Our software include but is not limited to ESRI ArcMap and free open source software (FOSS) such as QGIS and GRASS of which we are active contributors to.  

Spatial Analytics

Salix applies spatial analytics to tackle complex problems. Robust datasets such as those collected and processed from drone imagery are further leveraged through analytic pipelines in GIS software to gain an even deeper understanding of your site or project. Often these datasets are in the multi-gigabytes but we embrace big data to empower our clients with information. Big data has made profound impacts on our decision making matrix where we begin to see the previously unseen through spatial intelligence.

  • Watershed/Hydrologic Modeling
  • Terrain Analysis: Slope, Aspect and Relief
  • Site Suitability Analysis
  • Soil Erodibilty Models
  • Line of Site and Viewshed Analysis
  • Solar Irradiation and Shading Models
  • Automated Crack Detection Asphalt/Pavement
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Mapping and Cartography


Mapping services include field data collection with high accuracy GNSS receivers where surveyor requirements are not necessary while achieving a similar level of accuracy down to a few centimeters. We also operate GNSS equipment capable of sub-meter accuracy as well. Site staking is available for your project if design can be provided, useful for preliminary construction layouts and agricultural design. Our mapping services include:

  • Habitat Mapping
  • Wetland Delineations
  • Arborist/Tree Inventories
  • Agricultural Mapping
  • Orchard/Plantings and Irrigation Mapping
  • As-Builts and Existing Infrastructure
  • Ground Control Points (GCPs) for UAV mapping

Our cartography services turns your GIS data into publishable, professional quality maps and exhibits. Some examples are shown below:

Web Visualization and Hosting

Salix leverages GIS on the cloud with powerful visualization tools right in your browser. We create custom web maps showcasing your GIS data. Typical projects start with a high resolution aerial basemaps and terrain models processed from drone imagery overlaid with. Example map embedded below and other examples can be found here:

Historic Gold Mines of El Dorado County