Owens River Floodplain

Salix Geospatial

Salix offers a complete geospatial service package from aerial data collection, processing, and spatial analytics with final outputs seamlessly incorporated into Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Computer Assisted Drawing (CAD) programs, and web based visualizations. As FAA Part 107 Certified Remote Pilots we specialize in aerial based solutions on projects and landscapes of any scale, leveraging incredibly rich data sets with spatial analytics, empowering our clients to make more informed decisions.

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Aerial Mapping and Data Processing

As a commercial drone service provider and FAA Part 107 Certified Remote Pilots we provide aerial data collection and processing services for projects of all scales. We operate a mix of multi-rotor and fixed-wing UAS depending on the site and end data requirements. When sites become too large and drones are no longer feasible we utilize manned airplane for data collection. Our data processing services provide an affordable solution if you have your own drone and elect to collect your own imagery but want to utilize our established processing framework, software and hardware, and web visualization services. Register for an account to begin mapping with your own data or request Salix aerial data collection services here.

Our sensors can record both the visible and near-infrared (NIR) light spectrums and our standard outputs for aerial mapping include but are not limited to: aerial orthomosaics, point clouds, terrain models, contours, and 3d meshes which are all held to our high standard in terms of accuracy in the reconstruction and final resolution. All outputs can be extended thorough our spatial analytic pipelines for further analysis and then hosted for easy visualization in one of our web maps right in your browser.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Salix Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services include spatial analytics, mapping and cartography, and web visualization and hosting services. We provide geospatial data management services through a GIS for your project and apply spatial analytics to tackle complex problems and find solutions. We can further provide on the ground mapping services with high accuracy GNSS receivers for data collection and can consult and establish best practices for field data collection. We take your geospatial data and make fit for print through our cartographic services, however, while these are effective the data remains static from time of print. Our web hosting and visualization services create web maps from your geospatial data that are dynamic. We consider these “living maps” where they are continually updated with new information over time and enable greater interactivity with your spatial datasets. Register for an account to begin building your own GIS and a living basemap for your project on a private page here.

Aerial Photography and Video

Salix aerial photography and video services include aerial oblique imagery, 360 degree panoramas, video and 3D objects embedded in video. Every client or project gets their own private web page and login where our products are hosted for easy collaboration, viewing and sharing. Tour the links below for examples of our imagery services and register for an account here.